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Meet the duo behind MOCCO
Meet the duo behind MOCCO

Turkish craft and cheerful color trends: MOCCO brings it together in mainly hand-woven hamam cloths, plaids and bathrobes, made in the traditional way.

Our label, founded in 2015, makes much use of weaving on old looms. We use the best organic cotton to produce soft and supple hammam towels.

Production takes place under fair trading conditions, without child labor and without the use of harmful substances. Thanks to the special 'pre-wash' method, the hamam cloths remain soft for a long time and hardly shrink.

We introduce ourselves briefly to you: Bianca and Sylvia, two sisters who get along well. We started this label together. Our interests, knowledge and work experience are very different and therefore our attention within our company. Together we determine the direction of our company and make the choices that are good for our company and the people we work with.
Determining colors, putting together the collections and organizing the production is what Bianca is concerned with. Website and photography are also her area of attention. Organizing international trade fairs, selling and maintaining customer relationships is what Sylvia prefers to do.