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Onze prachtige PORCELAINE in serenity blue in ZIN magazine augustus 2017


Marguerita van MARstyle wrote a beautiful blog about her bathroom. MOCCO hammam towels in natural off white- and greytones fit perfectly.


ZIGN magazine

De NEW TRAVELER in Petrol green in ZIGN magazine july 2017

Flair Nederland week 28 - 2017

Ook de Flair Nederland geeft met een 'Frisse Duik' een mooi overzicht van turquoise uit de Middellandse zee. Flair Nederland gaat gaat voor felle kleuren met onze superzachte BAZAR 1 in heerlijk Turquoise met geel en off white strepen.

Vriendin ZOMERSPECIAL 2017

In the summer special 2017, the magazine VRIENDIN (grilfriend) recommends one of our beautiful 100% cotton throws and one of our hammamtowels in Royal Blue on the shopping page.

TALKIES Stylemagazine zomer 2017

The fact that MOCCO has the best quality hand-woven hammamtowels has also been discovered by the editors of TALKIES Stylemagazine. Our super soft model COMFORT in 5 amazing colours and the fresh green combined with festival orange for the BAZAR and FLORIDA.

Flair Belgium week 23 - 2017

With a Turquoise Boost Flair magazine gives a fresh start of the month of June! Flair Belgium gives our super soft BAZAR 1 in delicious turquoise with yellow and off white stripes some special attention.

Margriet week 21 - 2017

Margriet week 21 gives our HAMPTONS 2 in Petrol/Grey and OffWhite attention in LifeStyle.


Sanne van EnStijl wrote a beautiful blog about her amazing bathroom. MOCCO hammam towels in Stonewashed black are her favorite ♥

Sanne from Enstijl is Blogger, interiorstylist, photographer, mother. Alle pictures and styling by Sanne.



In the Mother's Day special of Walther Van Gastel in Belgium, much attention is paid to the Hammam Towels of MOCCO. The perfect Mother's Day gift in our opinion.


The magazine Vriendin (girlfriend) has a give away; 5x Mocco hammam towel. (Week19-2017)