The yarn of this hammam towel is twisted with two colors and gives a nice shine to the hammam towel. The yarn is a little thicker, however the used weaving technique keeps it soft.

 Made on the traditional hand-driven looms of 100% cotton, it is pre-washed and post-treated, meaning it is immediately ready for use. Use it when you relax on the beach or in the sauna or take along in your backpack or suitcase on your next vacation. Mocco's ultra-soft hand-woven fabrics combine modern design with traditional techniques.


- Hand-woven cotton hammam towel
- Soft, compact and very absorbent
- Alternative to conventional heavy towels.


Hammamtowel COMFORT 1


Hammamtowel COMFORT 2


Hammamtowel COMFORT 3


Hammamtowel COMFORT 4


Hammamtowel COMFORT 5